Every item in a cowboy's kit tells a story.  Just like an artefact in a museum, the tools and gear used in our barn each have their own unique history. 

Leather Chaps: These belong to the owner of Big Bar Guest Ranch, Amber Golat. They were a gift from her husband, Bryan, from their first Christmas together. They were made by Lynn  who operates a store in Langley BC, "Chaps by Lynn" (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chaps-by-Lynn/397471930302158). Amber wore them for a month before Lynn tailored them for a custom fit with custom tooling. unfortunately, one cold winter the mice decided to make a bed out of some of the chap's fringe, but Amber still wears them every time she heads out on the trail.

Saddle Bag: The Saddle bag belongs to our Operations Manager, Courtney, who discovered her passion for ranch life and horseback riding while working as a coop student at Big Bar. Now, she's determined to learn all she can about wrangling, and hopes to own her own ranch one day.  She picked this saddle bag because " It's the perfect size for out on the trails. There isn't much you need when you're in the wilderness." In it she keeps; " A first aid kit, a bottle of water, and maybe a carrot for my horse after a good lope."

Rope: Even a simple tool such as 60 feet of cotton rope is carefully chosen for specific purposes. Charlie, a wrangler from New Brunswick who is a 4th generation horseman, picked this rope because "it isn't waxy like other ropes out there. I don't have to throw the rope as fast as the waxy ropes because the rope itself is slower and so has more accuracy as the loop doesn't close as fast as the waxier ropes"

SpursThe spurs that are placed on the chaps (pictured above) also belong to Courtney. Courtney explains that "these spurs are known as working spurs. They aren't decorative or for show. I chose them because they are light on the boot. They are shorter for a few purposes; when you're out on your trail ride you have a less of a chance to get them caught on the tree, and in result, less of a chance to accidentally spur your horse when you didn't mean to. Another bonus to having a shorter spur is you don't have to constantly have your heels pointed away from your horse. The rowels on these spurs are small and have a lot of spikes, which means it isn't painful for the horse.

Horseshoe: This used shoe was worn by our horse Rio. Rather than throwing old shoes away, we like to re-purpose them , sometimes welding them together and making some interesting art pieces and crafts.

Can you name some of the other items in the photo?