Summer has arrived!!

The temperature has risen in the last few days and we are enjoying every bit of it. The beautiful landscape that is surrounding us shows infinite beauty. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the rides through the Big Bar Area - nature is blooming. Every ride on one of our horses can give you the opportunity to dicover something new, something that you maybe haven’t seen before.

Lately we have been spotting little rabbits, cinnamons bears, black bears, bald eagles, ospreys and a diverse range of smaller birds.

We also have many beautiful flowers in the fields. The Indian Paintbrush flower, for example, is somewhat edible - they were consumed in moderation by various Native American tribes to spice up other fresh vegetables or greens. But, these beautiful flowers can potentially be very toxic if the roots or green parts of the plant are consumed.

We‘ve learned that the Indian paintbrush can have a similar health benefits to consuming garlic if the flowers (only!) are eaten in small amounts and in moderation.  Keep an eye out for these beauties, next time you’re out on the trails!