What a better way to enjoy a sunset than standing amongst the rolling hills and mountains of Beautiful British Columbia, surrounded horses? If you enjoy horse watching, we have a dynamic herd of 36 horses for you to meet here at Big Bar Guest Ranch. Each with their own history and personality, every horse has a story to tell. Here are just a few of them....

This bold little character is Mathilda (Tily) and she likes to think of herself as man's best friend. She has plenty horsey friends to choose from but she can't resist leaving them behind to come and hang out with the guests. She'll be the first to say hello!

Rhubarb (Ruby) is our beautiful sorrel speed demon. Excellent to ride, this little thoroughbred mare will impress you with her paces and show the rest how it's done! Save the pony club kicks for somewhere else, just think the word 'GO.'

Luke is our rock steady old reliable and resident movie star! He played a pack horse in the film Gold (2013), set in the northern interior BC in 1898, a small group of German compatriots search for Gold at the height of the Klondike Gold Rush. Luke's camera days are now behind him, his docile and willing nature makes him the perfect guest horse, he has looked after many beginners on their first ride.

This little man Hugo, like Mathilda, is one of the rancher's personal horses and boy is he a character!! Don't let his size fool you, the bigger horses clear well out of his path and all it takes is one look. One of the most confident horses in the herd, where do these little ponies get their boldness from? Little man syndrome comes to mind!

Come on down and meet them, who will be your favourite?