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'In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.' ~John Muir, July 1877



'In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.' ~John Muir, July 1877

Gentle Trails on and nearby the Ranch

Ask for a Trail Map at check in. On the ranch property, a network of forested trails loop and join together with signage to help guests find their way. Black Spruce and Log Pole Pine keep these trails shady and cool. A scenic trail around Lake Squarrey yields wildlife sightings of beaver, mule deer and grouse. Traversing open grasslands, this is a great hike for photography, best taken at sunrise and sunset.

Alternatively, Big Bar Lake Provincial Park, a 15 minutes drive from the ranch, maintains the Otter March Interpretive Trail. This 3.5 kilometer hike takes about an hour to complete.

Moderate to Difficult Trails in the Marble Range.

The trails of the Marble Range are rough and steep, not maintained and only very infrequently patrolled. Please practice “Leave No Trace”. All hikers and mountain bikers are advised to plan ahead, prepare accordingly and travel at their own risk.

Mount Jesmond towers over 2000 feet above the Ranch. Its summit sits above tree line and is home to a fire watch cabin. On a clear day, one can see over 100 kilometers to snow capped mountains, and to the Fraser river. Walk out your cabin door and follow a forest road about 5 kilometers before beginning an ascent of switchbacks to a limestone gravel road that leads you to the mountain top. A return trip is about 22 kilometers return, and takes roughly 7 hours to hike. Plan to make a day of it, leave early in the morning and have our chef pack you a lunch. There are few water sources so bring about 4 litres of water with you to stay hydrated. For intermediate hikers and mountain bikers.

Mount Bowman  is the proverbial jewel in the marble range crown. This bold mountain dominates most of the views in the valley. Hikers have two options; a moderate hike along a creek for 4.2 kilometers, then turn left to ascend the mountain, passing through a meadow to the grassy mountain plateaus above tree line which sit several hundred feet below the summit. This is a perfect place for a picnic and photography. Advanced hikers can attempt the technical scramble to the mountain's summit. Trekking poles are recommended and always hike with a partner. This hike takes about 6 hours to complete round trip.

Wild Horse Ridge and Mount Kerr
If you like views and are up for a physical challenge the rugged and unmaintained trail to Wild Horse Ridge is well worth the effort. It's 14.3 kilometers return from the trail head, and if you're an experienced hiker in good shape, you can top off the day with a summit of Mount Kerr, completing 21.8 kilometers of diverse eco systems. Bring plenty of water, as natural sources are dependent on seasonal snow melts. Bear, Cougar and Big Horn sheep share this area with you. Be 'Bear Aware', carry bear spray and use long distance lenses for wildlife photography.

A small selection of mountain bikes are available to ranch guests for use on our marked trails but you are welcome to bring your own!


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The private lake at Big Bar Guest Ranch has an immense eco system teaming with life. Children of all ages will enjoy exploring the length of the lake by canoe or peddle boat, soaking up the sun and rekindling a relationship with nature. Youngsters will find no shortage of fun exploring the shoreline for snails and fresh water shrimps.

The Squarrey Lake is home to a clan of hard working beavers who have set up residence at the north end of the lake. Meander down to their neighborhood and admire their cleaver craftsmanship. While you’re at it, drop a line in the water and troll along as you go. The trout are abundant, fat and sassy.

Whether you are an avid fly fisherman or a first timer, you will admire the peaceful calm while you work on the grace of your acre.

Use of the lake and boats are part of your all inclusive package. Choose to spend as much time as you like soaking up the rays on Sqaurrey Lake.

Tackle Boxes and Fishing Rods can be rented for a nominal fee.

Freshwater fishing licences can be purchased online at: www.fishing.gov.bc.ca


We have one rule when it comes to fishing:

“If you’re gonna eat it, you can keep it”

Otherwise, catch and release only please.


Squarrey Lake is motor free.

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Wild Life Viewing

Wild Life Viewing

There is no shortage of natural wildlife surrounding Big Bar Guest Ranch. This is one of the reasons our remote location is so appealing. Out here you will not hear the rumble of highway trucks or see any light pollution from a nearby community. Out here you will discover star blazed nights, the yip yip of coyotes not far beyond your walls, the green and purple glow of the northern lights and views that inspire you to think beyond horizons to a time and place when simple honesty and integrity shaped our relationship to the wild lands.

The natural beauty of the Big Bar valley must be seen to be believed. The combination of tall grasses and diverse forests, with little undergrowth, favour certain kinds of animals. In particular, deer and moose are drawn to the natural pasture lands, while coyotes, hawks and eagles are sighted enjoying the splendour of their native grounds.

A playful family of resident black bears are always a joy to see and most certainly one of our favorite members of the wildlife community. A short hike from the ranch gates will bring you to their den where mama bear and her cubs have been spotted napping from time to time. Always keep a safe distance mind you, as this has been their home long before it was ours.

Lynx and cougar are some of the other larger animals in the area, though we often only see their tracks.

The Big Bar area is also home to a handful of wolf packs, though a sighting is a very rare occurrence with these elusive characters. From time to time we hear their call echo through the valley as they relay messages from one group to another. Their distant howl will send a chill to the root of your bones and spread a smile of excitement across your face when you recognize their call.

Each spring the fields erupt with blooming wildflowers transforming the countryside into a sea of colors. A spectacular show to witness as your traverse this wild terrain. Some of the meadow flower varieties you will find here are lupine, columbine, lilies, orange hawkweed, wild roses and paintbrush.

Bird Watching

Big Bar Guest Ranch is home to an abundance of different bird species.

Some birds are truly unique to the Cariboo – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned birder this is a unique and rare experience – a very special way of getting out and enjoying the spectacular beauty of this rugged landscape.

Watch bald eagles sore high above the lake or sit perched on a post keeping a watchful eye on the trout below. Let the charming hum of the humming bird brighten your experience while you sip your favorite beverage on the ranch deck.

Resident Sandhill Cranes sore over the ranch property in pairs, their call unique and haunting. Nesting nearby, these intriguing creatures resonant a prehistoric quality. Their grace not hindered by their immense size.

Our very own majestic “cowboy” Raven calls “Yee Haa” while he circles the barn hoping for grain forgotten by the ranch animals.

Whether you come for the horses or the tranquil calm, whether you are seeking adventure or a relaxing retreat, you will leave amazed by the richness and brilliance of all the birds.