About Our trail Riding

Big Bar Guest Ranch offers Morning and Afternoon rides comprising of two 2.5 hour tours out on the range. These trips stick closer to home and return to the ranch for lunch in the dining room.

The trail rides at Big Bar Guest Ranch are broken into groups based on experience level. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced riders alike will enjoy tours designed to meet their skill level and their riding expectations. From learning how to hold your reins and how to sit taller in the saddle to looping along open pastures with the wind in your hair. We do it all. Our experienced Wranglers will skillfully guide you through our extensive network of trails all the while sharing with you the lure and wisdom of their western culture.

Children must be 8 years old or 4’ and 50 pounds to participate in trail rides. Younger children will enjoy parent led pony rides on the ranch property, creating a gradual introduction to horses and memories to relive at bedtime.

All rides return to the ranch by 5:00 PM with time to grab a refreshing beverage, kick your feet up on the patio and watch as the horses head out to pasture for their evening off. Close your eyes and allow all your senses to be stimulated by the tranquility of the ranch. Listen as the horses frolic and play, breath in the delicious aromas from the kitchen floating on the evening breeze and soak up the last rays of sun as it slowly drifts over the horizon.

It is our hope that at the end of each day you feel refreshed by the country air, recharged by the sunshine, enriched by the experience and full of memories that will be shared for years to come. This is the heart of Big Bar Guest Ranch. This is what we do, we ride.

Things to Bring

  • Jeans or comfortable long pants for riding. Sweatpants are not recommended as they are slippery on the saddle.

  • A light long sleeved shirt or jacket. Layers are always a good idea in the Cariboo.

  • Sunscreen, bug repellent and sun glasses are also handy to have.

  • If you are not intending to wear a helmet while horseback riding then you may want a hat to keep the sun off your face. Be sure that your hat will stay on in windy conditions or you may be asked to leave it at the barn.

  • Finally, bring a camera! Preferably one that will fit in your pocket or saddle bags. A strong strap, such as a camera strap, cannot be worn around your neck while horseback riding.



Cowboy boots are required for all riders (we do have some available for rental). All horseback riders 18 and under are required to wear a helmet. Please inquire about size limitations if applicable. A signed waiver of liability is required of all ranch guests.