There is no shortage of natural wildlife surrounding Big Bar Guest Ranch.

This is one of the reasons our remote location is so appealing. Out here you will not hear the rumble of highway trucks or see any light pollution from a nearby community. Out here you will discover star blazed nights, the yip yip of coyotes not far beyond your walls, the green and purple glow of the northern lights and views that inspire you to think beyond horizons to a time and place when simple honesty and integrity shaped our relationship to the wild lands.

The natural beauty of the Big Bar valley must be seen to be believed. The combination of tall grasses and diverse forests, with little undergrowth, favour certain kinds of animals. In particular, deer and moose are drawn to the natural pasture lands, while coyotes, hawks and eagles are sighted enjoying the splendour of their native grounds.

A playful family of resident black bears are always a joy to see and most certainly one of our favourite members of the wildlife community. A short hike from the ranch gates will bring you to their den where mama bear and her cubs have been spotted napping from time to time. Always keep a safe distance mind you, as this has been their home long before it was ours.

Lynx and cougar are some of the other larger animals in the area, though we often only see their tracks.

The Big Bar area is also home to a handful of wolf packs, though a sighting is a very rare occurrence with these elusive characters. From time to time we hear their call echo through the valley as they relay messages from one group to another. Their distant howl will send a chill to the root of your bones and spread a smile of excitement across your face when you recognize their call.

Each spring the fields erupt with blooming wildflowers transforming the countryside into a sea of colours. A spectacular show to witness as your traverse this wild terrain. Some of the meadow flower varieties you will find here are lupine, columbine, lilies, orange hawkweed, wild roses and paintbrush.

Bird Watching

Big Bar Guest Ranch is home to an abundance of different bird species. Some birds are truly unique to the Cariboo – Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned birder this is a unique and rare experience – a very special way of getting out and enjoying the spectacular beauty of this rugged landscape.

Watch bald eagles sore high above the lake or sit perched on a post keeping a watchful eye on the trout below. Let the charming hum of the humming bird brighten your experience while you sip your favorite beverage on the ranch deck.

Resident Sandhill Cranes sore over the ranch property in pairs, their call unique and haunting. Nesting nearby, these intriguing creatures resonant a prehistoric quality. Their grace not hindered by their immense size.

Our very own majestic “cowboy” Raven calls “Yee Haa” while he circles the barn hoping for grain forgotten by the ranch animals.

Whether you come for the horses or the tranquil calm, whether you are seeking adventure or a relaxing retreat, you will leave amazed by the richness and brilliance of all the birds.